Conquer Best Adjustable Bike Trainer Desk, Cycling Trainer Desk, Bike Desk Stand Review

The Conquer Cycling bike standing desk is height adjustable making it easy to turn your stationary/spin bike into a workstation. Get it at the link below. ✅
I use the Conquer adjustable bike stand as an office as I work from home in order to be less sedentary. This desk bike comfortable to work on, feels steady and allows me to multi-task and stay active. I can take calls, type and browse online while cycling. It is a solid alternative to the Wahoo Indoor Cycling desk which is more expensive.

I also considered the Flexispot desk bike with a built-in desk but it did not make sense for me to buy a second bike when I already have one. The surface area of the Conquer Cycling desk is also more spacious than the Flexispot bike with the built-in desk.

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– Stable when typing
– Spacious workstation (14″x28″) fits a 15″ laptop and mousepad
– Two cup holders
– Able to turn your stationary bike into a workstation & multi task

– Not easy to assemble for me (this is subjective, others claim otherwise)
– Only one color option

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