Megan lost 15 pounds by eating MORE

“I thought it was crazy at first when my coach told me to start eating more, when my goal was to lose weight.

But then I tried it. And it worked.

‘Reverse dieting’ actually helped me lose the last few stubborn pounds.”

This is Megan, a member of Nerd Fitness Coaching who is celebrating hitting her goal weight.

What’s so interesting about her story is how she did it.

Megan’s coach saw that she was hitting a wall with her lower-calorie diet.

Instead of continuing, Coach Evan proposed they try something different: eat more.




You bet!

Let’s dive right into Megan’s story and what helped her crush the last year of NF Coaching.

4 Lessons Learned From Talking With Megan

#1) Don’t Feel Bad if a Cookie-Cutter Program Doesn’t Work for You.

“Before joining Nerd Fitness Coaching, I had a personal trainer.

It didn’t go well. Despite my objections, they would continue to advise me to do 40-minute blocks of cardio – which I hated. I grew frustrated and quit.

This all-or-nothing pattern continued for years.

Until I partnered with a coach who met me where I am, I found working out consistently to be a challenge.”

Takeaway: there are lots of different ways to get in shape….

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