Peloton vs ProForm Bike Tour de France CBC – How does the Costco bike compare to Peloton Bike Plus?

EXPAND FOR MORE INFO and recommended accessories.
Heart Rate Monitor: (more info below)
Pedals: (same as I use, clip in)
Women’s Shoes: (clip in shoes, see them in my Echelon videos)
Bike Mat:

Heart rate monitor video review:
How to change pedals and closer look at tiem shoes and pedals:
The bike we started on:

In this video I compare the ProForm Tour de France vs Peloton Bike Plus head to head showing similarities and differences.

0:00 intro

2:13 aesthetics and similarities
2:50 differences start
3:42 screens
4:20 mobility
4:35 power
5:09 water bottle / weight holder
5:28 handlebars
6:15 adjustability
7:05 handlebar complaint
8:05 drivetrain comparison
9:00 proform height and fit
9:30 min resistance
9:56 max resistance
10:38 sound and quality comments
11:19 bike+ min resistance
11:40 bike+ comfort and handlebar comments
12:20 bike+ max resistance
12:43 direct comparison max resistance
13:00 inertia comparison
14:05 metrics comparison
15:15 iFit metrics
16:02 heart rate monitor
16:16 summary

The ProForm Costco bike has become very popular as it has begun to show up in stores for just $385 along with a free year of iFit app. The Peloton bike plus is also very popular, but it’s also extremely expensive up front at $2495 along with a monthly $39 cost for the peloton membership. To put the icing on the cake Peloton bike orders are really backed up for some locations, taking longer than 2 -3 months for delivery of a Peloton bike, so many people are looking for cheaper peloton alternative bikes, and also options that are less expensive. If you want a indoor cycling bike with magnetic resistance and an app to follow along instructor leads, the Proform tour de france cbc from costco may be a good option for you. The bike does have a few weaknesses. The handlebars don’t rise up very high, so if you are a tall rider you may find yourself in an digressing indoor cycling riding position which may cause strain on your up back and neck if you ride for extended periods of time. The peloton bike does not suffer from this lack of handlebar adjustment. The peloton bike is much more comfortable for me personally because the handlebars can raise much higher.


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