Jump Rope Workout for Beginners (How to Jump Rope)

Let’s learn how to jump rope!

Even if you’re stuck at home, a jump rope can provide a great cardio workout.

You just gotta know what you’re doing so you don’t keep hitting yourself in the shins.

Have no fear, even if you’ve never touched a jump rope before, we’ll get you started. 

We specialize in helping people train from home, with little to no equipment whatsoever. Today, we’ll share with you a beginner jump rope workout routine that you can do anywhere. 

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

Cue the Rocky theme song… 

…and let’s do this!

How Do I Jump Rope? (Video for Noobs)

Coach Matt, from our Online Coaching program, guides you through learning how to jump rope in the video above.

Matt breaks down jumping rope into three parts: 

The Jump
The Arm Swing

First up…

#1) The Jump

First, let’s just practice jumping.

Stand tall, feet about hip-width apart. 

Then, practice jumping up and down in one spot.

Most of your power will come from your ankle and toes. It’s really more of a “hop” than jump. 

If you have trouble with…

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