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One of the best ways to get your daily cardio in is on an exercise bike (some call gym bike, gym bicycle, fitness bike). Exercise bikes are becoming increasingly popular, as they’re light, easy-to-use, and can be folded away for easy storage. Plus, you can use them whenever, wherever, no matter what the weather may be outside. What are the top 10 best exercise bike Malaysia.

1. SEJIAN GH-709 Deluxe Version Stainless Steel Dynamic Wheel Bicycle Spring Exercise Bike
2. XBIKE Small Magnetic Control Exercise Bike
3. Fitness Captain Gym Use Spinning Solid Exercise Bike
4. GINTELL Magnetic Fitness Bike KLJ860
5. Fitness Concept Maxx De Spinning Bike X
6. BIOSYS 636 Model Multi-Function Indoor Fitness Exercise Bike
7. YINGERJAN YEJ-911S+ Super Silent Stainless Steel Dynamic Flywheel Smart Exercise Bike
8. Kemilng Exercise Bike K730
9. Spinning Bike Luxury Indoor Exercise Bike S3
10. Adsports AD-747 Swing Spinning Exercise Bicycle

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