Get Your First Pull-up or Chin-up! 30-Day Pull up Progression

Pull-ups are my favorite exercise of all time.

But what if you can’t do a pull-up yet?

The answer: read this ultimate guide on getting your first pull–up ASAP!

We have helped hundreds of Online Coaching Clients get their first pull-up, and we’ll cover our exact strategies below! 

We help people get their first pull-up, and we’re really good at it. Learn more:

As part of our Strength Training 101 series, we give you an exact plan to follow leading you to your very first full pull-up:

If you can already do a pull-up (woot!), you might want to check out our article on proper pull-up form, although we’ll cover a lot of the same material here.

Important Note: We are currently hosting a Chin-Up Challenge on September 12th, 2020, and you can sign-up for free right here. 

Let’s do this thang.

Tips on How to Start Doing Pull-Ups

Before we get into exercises to progress into a pull-up, let’s chat about some general strategies:

#1) This should hopefully be obvious, but the more you weigh, the more you have to lift in order to complete a pull-up.

If you’re truly serious about completing a pull-up, start by getting your diet under control. 

As we say here at Nerd Fitness, 80-90% of weight loss comes down to…

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