How to Touch Your Toes (4 Stretches to Improve Flexibility)

It’s time to learn how to touch your toes!

What makes me so confident you’ll be able to reach your little piggy wiggies?

Because we teach even the most “inflexible” of folks how to touch their toes in our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program, and we’ll share with you all our secrets below.

Want to become more flexible? A Nerd Fitness Coach can create a plan to make it happen!

Here’s what we’ll cover in our guide, How to Touch Your Toes:

It’s time to become bendy like Gumby! 

Let’s get started.

The Benefits of Being Able to Touch Your Toes

If you want to increase your flexibility, you’re gonna need to stretch.[1] It’s how you make your muscles elastic and strong.

Why bother though? What’s the big deal about being able to touch your toes?

Here are some of the benefits provided by stretching:

Increase range of motion. If you can move a joint through its full range of motion, you’re gonna have more freedom of movement. Confidently navigating the physical world is a sign of a healthy nerd, which is why flexibility shouldn’t be overlooked. One of the best ways to become more flexible is to stretch.[2] 
Improve posture. If you want to stop slouching so much, regularly stretching may help.[3]…

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